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Quality control is an integral part of Die-Matic's processing from raw material to finished product. Our program is constantly being revised and improved with the continued objective of producing better products and services.


In-process inspection begins with a mandatory first-piece inspection every time an operation is started. Parts are sampled and checked to the drawing and specification, using inspection tools, gages and instruments, and applicable approved standards. CMM technology is used for in-process and final inspection of samples or 100% basis as required.

Welding Inspection


The Design and Engineering Department is capable of handling a variety of design tasks involving tooling and manufacturing requirements, including the development of a tooling package to meet the customer's needs. We use computer-aided designs with detailed drawings to facilitate the toolbuilding process. A set of these drawings can be supplied with your tooling order or retained in our files for making fast replacement details as needed. Our 42,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility can handle large products and volume production.



We have a wide assortment of presses to accommodate your manufacturing requirements. Diematic's presses are 30 to 750 tons with straight side and open back inclinable capacity. Deep drawing capacity up to 300 tons.


Our equipment balance is adjusted and expanded as necessary to maintain flexibility in tonnage and speeds required to serve you, our customer.

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