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M15A2 .50 cal Link Production line

This is a great Manufacturing Opportunity, either for an established company, or for a start up manufacturer. An inexpensive way to get things going. Included in the sale is all of the components and machines required to produce the M15A2 .50 cal Ammunition link. We are no longer manufacturing these ourselves and are looking to use the space for other projects.
This sale Includes,
1. Complete set of Engineering Drawings.

2. Two Complete Progressive Pierce, Notch, Coin, Cam Form and Cutoff Dies( one complete part per stroke capable of running from 70 to 100 strokes per minute) Including one Lot of replacement parts for the dies.

3. One Complete set of Inspection Gauges for Link, Cartridge, Metallic, Belt, Caliber .50, M15A2.

4. Complete Zinc Phosphate Plating Line.

5. 100 Ton Punch Press.

This is complete line and is ready to be installed and run, a very cost effective way to start running parts. We are open to offers on this and look forward to helping you get started.

Buyer will arrange shipping we will assist in loading the parts at our facility. Buyer is also responsible for all Shipping and Customs fees and paper work.

Heavy-duty parts made in the USA

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